New Short Stories in the C I N Series Available NOW!!!!


Art: Despair by Lvampar

First, I want to thank all of you who patiently waited while I restructured the entire C I N Series! Took me long, enough, right? ;0)

I love everything about the new books! Well, almost everything…

Unfortunately, while restructuring the novels, I had to eliminate various stories and characters. For a normal person, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

I’M NOT NORMAL ;0) !!! I love all my characters and their background stories! So, instead of locking these shorts away, I’ve decided to create a new series that can be followed (in addition to the C I N Series full length novels).

The C I N Series Shorts follows the original characters from the debut novel, C I N (and a few characters you’ve never met–nor will you meet unless you read the shorts), a Puritan Series for the characters in C I N 2: Traitor which you haven’t met yet, and Amie’s Journals. (You’ll find out who Amie is in C I N 2: Traitor on July 15, 2012!)




Hold Me and Love Me by Li Stroeh

The first e-short is Donna Denning. This story will interest anyone who wants to know about Donna’s traitorous beginning. It tells of what really happened at the warehouse–who caused the fire and why.

You’ll get to know a few side characters from the debut novel, C I N. Their significance in book one was so small, you may not even remember them! Big Al, Kurt and Anthony (Brace Face) are pretty much known for their part in creating cash flow for C I N.(I bet you don’t remember! lol!)  In this e-short, you’ll learn more about them.

Donna Denning should raise a few questions about Michael and Donna that you would otherwise never think about (in the novels) and the answers to those questions will only come through future e-shorts.

Throughout all the e-shorts you will witness the character development of Lisa’s parents, Jimmy and Amber in Story 2, entitled: Jimmy & Amber (also available on Amazon), and in story 3, entitled: Pete and Marie, Lisa’s Aunt Millie becomes more than a side character with a secret. (Actually, she’s in all three new e-shorts!), Reggie and even the villainous Frank make an appearance in the new e-shorts. 

Sometimes, in the full length novels, things will happen, that without the e-shorts, you’d never know their significance.(And, no, I won’t give away any secrets here.)

;o) Okay, maybe a few hints ;o)

A few examples that you can look for while you read the new e-shorts:

  1. While Ally and Lisa are in the kayak, Ally admits that she doesn’t want a best friend because it hurts to watch them grow old…
  2. At the bonfire, Lisa noticed that Pete and Ally appeared to have a bond.
  3. The events behind the warehouse fire.
  4. Everyone hates Donna, but why?

Art by Loyal O.A.K

One of my favorite characters had to be eliminated. You’ll get your first take of Eric in Story 2: Jimmy & Amber. The first three stories were created in order of years. Donna Denning, the warehouse kids’ beginning–1982; Jimmy & Amber, the year Jimmy made the ultimate sacrifice for love–1990, and of course, Pete and Marie which is set in 1999.

As an added bonus, until the release of C I N 2: Traitor, Donna Denning will include the debut novel C I N! (For those who want a refresher, have never read C I N and/or would like to use it for reference).

ANOTHER BONUS! For your patience, Donna Denning (which includes C I N) will be offered in kindle format by Amazon Digital for FREE starting tomorrow, May 26, 2012 until May 30, 2012!

I hope you like the e-shorts! If these prove to be of interest to you, the reader, then the following reading schedule will go into effect:

The entire C I N collection in suggested reading order:

1.  The C I N Series: Book 1 – “Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin. You Never Come Out the Way You Went In.”

            Note: You need to read this story to fully understand any of the short stories. Although    the shorts are not vital to the 7 novels in the series, the novels are imperative to the shorts.

            If you have not read the first book, please contact me personally! (via Facebook, Twitter, email, blog…)

2. The C I N Series Shorts: Story 1 – Donna Denning

            The story behind Donna’s traitorous beginning…

3. The C I N Series Shorts: Story 2 – Jimmy & Amber

            The story of Jimmy and Amber’s beginning…

4.  The C I N Series Shorts: Story 3 – Pete & Marie

            Millie loved Pete and Pete loved Millie… So, why’s he with Marie?

5.  The C I N Series: Book 2 – Traitor

            Note: Release date July 15, 2012! See the new blog for details on book two Traitor.


The following will be future books, to be announced (TBA):


6.  The Puritan Series: Story 1 – Charles

            To be announced in Midsummer 2012

7.  The Puritan Series: Story 2 – Tobias

            To be announced Midsummer 2012

8.  Amie’s Journals: The first set of journals TBA

            To be announced Midsummer 2012

9.  The C I N Series: Book 3 – Ally’s Secret

10. The C I N Series Shorts: Story 4 – Eric

11. The C I N Series Shorts: Story 5 – Alex

12. The C I N Series: Book 4 – The Missing Link

13. Amie’s Journals: The second set of journals TBA

14. The C I N Series Shorts: Story 6 – The Groupies

15. The C I N Series: Book 5 – Get Lost

16. Amie’s Journals: The third set of journals TBA

17. The C I N Series Shorts: Story 7 – Michael

18. The C I N Series: Book 6 – The Hot Haitian

19. The C I N Series: Book 7 – The Beginning