Fatal Excerpt

Here’s a sneak preview of FATAL! It’s almost time for the first short story of the Puritan Series to be released! Happy reading!

Fatal by Christina Leigh Pritchard

An Excerpt:





Lisa rubbed her eyes. Was what she saw even possible? Francisco crumbled before her at the edge of the lake across from C I N. His arms and legs turned to stone. Everyone watched with fear in their eyes. That could’ve been any one of them.

Lisa placed Rat in the grass and took slow steps towards Francisco, her arm outstretched, trembling. Should she save him? Could she? Just inches from him, Michael stopped Lisa.

Michael wrapped his arms around her waist, blocking her from touching the traitor. “He doesn’t deserve to be saved,” he said. “Francisco has stolen longevity from his family—just to feed himself.”

“You don’t get to judge me!” Francisco shouted. His knees broke, sending him down to the ground. He rolled onto his side, his arms stone and his torso turning brittle.

Lisa cringed. Francisco looked half alive and half statuesque. How could she just stand by and watch something like this? “Let me go, Michael. I’ve got to help him.”

“He’s a monster—murdering others just so he can live.”

“He wasn’t always this way,” a voice said. Lisa and Michael turned sideways. A cloaked man stood before them, lowering his hood. His skin was yellow and his eyes oriental.

“Who are you?” Lisa asked.

“I’m Francisco’s brother.”

“What can you tell me about your brother?”

The oriental closed his eyes, avoiding his ever transforming brother. “I haven’t a single good story to tell—only his beginning.”

“Well,” Lisa sighed. “Get started on your story—and fast.”

“Why can’t I tell my own story?” Francisco said. “I’m the one who knows it best.”

Michael frowned. “What if there isn’t time for you to finish it?”

“I’ll talk fast.”


Coming Soon!! (Like in the next couple days…)


© Copyright 2012 Christina Leigh Pritchard.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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