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allys_secret bk cover

Ally’s Secret
Book Three of the C I N Series

Ally won’t tell Alex what she did. She won’t reveal her secrets to anyone, not even Lisa.

And, Lisa can’t keep track of all the lies she’s been told. With new guy, Jake, in town, she sees her chance at the truth. With his help, she finds someone who does know what Ally did.

Through the eyes of Crystal, watch as Ally’s demise unfolds. Learn the story behind the fire, Ally’s obsession with her own ‘death’, who Rat really is, and
to Crystal’s dismay, relive the tragedy.

Can Lisa heal after she finally knows what really happened? Will she be able to forgive Alex? Ally? Sometimes, the truth kills…

Whose heart will be left unbroken?

Tobias is now Available!

Tobias, Story 4 in the C I N’s Puritan Series, is now available! It has some spoilers though. You might want to wait until after you read Ally’s Secret and Ravenna Frost.


“What I did was wrong. In my defense, I wasn’t given a choice.”
-Dr. John

The story behind why Dr. John didn’t kill them… subscribe for freebies and exclusive bonuses!

Note to Reader:

Prior to reading this short story, please be sure you’ve read book one in the C I N Series, entitled C I N: “Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin. You Never Come Out The Way You Went In.”

This story will not make sense without the debut novel. It is also recommended (but not necessary) that you read short story #1 in this series, entitled, Donna Denning, short story # 2 Jimmy & Amber, short story #3 Pete and Marie and Book Two of the C I N Series, TRAITOR, and Ally’s Secret, book 3.



Cover REVEAL! Ally’s Secret

Ally's SecretFinally, the third book in the series is nearly ready! Here’s the final cover design.

“Cover design by Melody Simmons”

Take advantage of the discounted pricing while you can! All books and short stories in the C I N Series are $0.99 until the release of Book Three – Ally’s Secret!



Ally won’t tell Alex what she did. Finally, the story behind the fire, Ally’s obsession with her own ‘death’, and the horrible truth behind who Rat is…

Artistic Talent of the Month

beautifully lostby dinmoney

Why I chose this photo: Somehow the artist feels he has a weakness somewhere? I don’t see it. The only thing I nortice are the beautiful brushstrokes creating his amazing world.
Looking for an artist? Check dinmoney out!
I have worked on titles such as Anima, Battle Realms, Enascentia, Bushido, Samurai Genji, and Rise of the Rainbow Creatures. Now i want to work for you!SUBJECTS:
characters/ environments/ creatures/ weapons/ vehicles/ epic stuff/ your idea (=

PRICES: (paypal transfer fee included)
single subject rate- (little/no background)
$30 – Portrait sketch
$40 – Portrait sketch plus
$125 – Portrait full colour
$125 – Line art sketch
$300 – Full Painting

full illustrations/ multiple character scenes-
$300+ depending on complexity

payments accepted via paypal
paypal account:
*payment plan will be discussed through email

you will have a chance to make edits at several stages of the concepts development: sketch, colours, and finalizing. Turnaround time is usually 1 week.

portrait sketch: $30 (no edits)

portrait sketch Plus: $40 (no edits)

full-colour portrait: $125

line-art sketch: $125

colours: $300

full illustration/ multiple char scenes: $300+ (depending on complexity of image)
Din by dinmoney Samurai Genji Cover (no logo) by dinmoney

general takes a few days, first a rough/sketch version will be sent to you for approval, then a final version will be sent for approval, and once that has the “ok” you will be send a link to download the high resolution version.
*updates generally occur within 48hours of payment/ approval

canvas sizes-
-12x18inch (standard for me)
*choice of canvas size is at no extra cost
resolution and format-
-regardless of canvas size all final images will be no less than 300dpi
-final high res image will be jpg format unless another format is requested

got a big project in mind?
we can come up with a work plan to meet your projects needs (=

you will have full copyrights to your image.
comercial use is permitted but selling information must be disclosed before quote is given.
i reserve the right to use the image in my portfolio/website/art books. basically its your pic, but i will need to use it to get me more jobs for myself. I also reserve the right to refuse service.

thank you for being interested in my art and i look forward to working with you! (=
-geoff trebs (din)

Artistic Talent of the Month

Lost Paradiseby D-e-v-i

Why I chose this photo: The pain escaping her eyes through her tears is pure art in itself–not to mention the glorious background she’s created.


Artistic Talent of the Month

love lost by midnitejinx

Why I chose this photo: I just love how the horse is cracking showing the pure emotion of lost love…
A Message from the Creator: “This piece was inspired by unrequited love. I, for one, do not believe in ‘better loved and lost’; personally, I think that if a relationship is only going to result in hurt, then it should not exist at all. The horse here has turned to stone and cracked out of bitterness and loss for the lover who turned and left. The crow calls him to death, where the horse may finally find some peace for his broken heart.”
About the Author 
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
“I’m a bit of a dreamer who loves horses, art, and especially photography. I’m a writer as well, and I have another world living in my head. Hopefully one day you will see my name on the spine of a book. I also roleplay horses whenever I have some spare time. I’m an 4.0 AP/honors student (SENIOR!!) as well as an avid rider. Between school, work, and riding, sometimes my art has to suffer, so just remember, patience is a virtue. :giggle:

Artistic Talent of the Month

The Ice Queen


Ice Queenby dianar87

A little about the author:
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: photomanipulation
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Foamy, Daria, Cartman
Personal Quote: people love me, i’m a star :))))))))))
Favorite games: Medal of Honor, CSI
Tools of the Trade: photoshop cs2
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art